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My name is Mya Greene and I love stories. It didn’t start out this way, My passion for film came from dance. I’ve been a dancer since the age of three. As I got older I learned that dance is so much more than steps. I continued growing as a dancer by training in hip hop, taking industry workshops, and classes. Then I began to meet people who danced professionally, they explained to me how there are so many opportunities in the dance industry. I had an audition with Chuck Maldonado and he changed my life. He is an industry working choreographer and artistic director in LA with an impressive resume. He took me under his wing and helped me understand my true purpose.
He opened my eyes to see the depth of the 30 second commercial and what all it takes as far as artistic direction. Seeing my Uncle Chuck’s lifestyle ( working 24/7 ) assured me that I wanted to pursue a film driven career.
I started creating my own choreography, and because my mother is the Director at the dance studio I attend, I was given the opportunity to teach classes. Working with large groups has always come easy for me, and feels very natural. I was born into a long line of educators in my family, including my mother, aunts, uncles & even both of my grandparents, so it’s definitely in my bloodline. I have always been that student in school that would help organize group projects & my teachers would always tell me that I was a natural born leader, but I never gave it that much thought. Studio parents would explain to me how much their kid enjoyed my classes. So moving into the following competition season, I was hired as a choreographer for a few of the studio's competitive teams. I put together entire routines with specific themes, makeup, and costumes to help tell the story. My routines became instant hits and studio parents were beyond impressed, they explained to me that I have a special gift. Over time the routines got better and better. I started to understand what all people saw in me that I didn’t see in myself. I saw how my pieces moved people emotionally. 

Mya Greene

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