One Project, One Mission, Multiple Interpretations.


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Project:BECOMING's Crown Pleaser

This month Project:BECOMING would like to feature  Mya Greene,  a graduating senior about to pursue her passion of dance in LA.

Project: BECOMING operates with a spirit of solidarity by harnessing unique skills and abilities of creative individuals and offering them to future generations. We foster and support transformational experiences by motivating and challenging young women to maximize their individual potentials. We have a passion for developing confident, strong, self-aware young women in society.

They are, who we are.

CHRISTAL BROWN (performer, choreographer, educator, activist, mother, disciple of Christ) is the Founder of INSPIRIT, Project: BECOMING, the creator of the Liquid Strength...



Driven by our commitment to creating a harmonious global community, Project: BECOMING strives to become a household name as we grow from a single program that originated in the five boroughs of New York City to multiple program sites in all fifty states and sites abroad. 

One project, One mission, Multiple interpretations.


The mission of Project: BECOMING is to cultivate young girls into strong competent individuals by identifying, supporting and developing a holistic perception of self through the use of creative modalities and life coaching.